Top10 Instagram marketing trends for 2022!

With the start of 2022 approaching, you may be wondering what the future holds for social networks and what current market trends you should be aware of. Instagram is currently the most popular photo and video-sharing social media platform, with 90% of Instagram users following at least one business and more than 200 million people accessing at least once annually profile every day.

1. Shopping features will take center stage.

You were about correct if you assumed Instagram was becoming a shopping site. These shopping features are designed to bridge the gap between marketers who want to utilize this platform as a marketing tool and e-commerce channel. The shopping function in Stories, for example, was introduced in 2019 and allows advertisers to display a shopping bag icon on any product or service they are marketing.

2. Influencer marketing will have a higher level of credibility.

Influencer marketing is an Instagram trend that has gone popular because most brands regard it as one of the most effective ways to reach out to their target audience. In 2021, Instagram announced several new opportunities for content creators to monetize their work. Consumers trust suggestions from people they don’t know more than recommendations from brands, according to a Nielsen study.

3. Features that encourage community participation will become increasingly popular.

Instagram’s creative character means that the site is constantly coming up with new and exciting ways to communicate with its users: from emoji reactions and interactive Story stickers to Instagram polls, the company certainly understands how to start and keep discussions going. Use Instagram’s Story features, such as the question sticker, to boost engagement even more. This will allow you to learn more about your followers’ thoughts on your brand.

4. Video stories on Instagram aren’t going away any time soon.

Using videos on Instagram Stories increases engagement for every brand, regardless of how many followers they have. According to our Instagram Posts Study, brands are posting 15-16 Instagram Stories per month on average, with up to five stories per day resulting in a retention rate of over 70%. Brands shared 49.02 per cent of Instagram Story videos and 50.98 per cent of Instagram Story pictures, according to our research. Stories videos are gaining traction and will undoubtedly be a popular marketing trend in 2022.

5. The use of reels will increase.

Instagram Reels is another major Instagram trend to keep an eye on in 2022. Instagram Reels was launched in reaction to Instagram’s competitor, TikTok. It’s a tool, similar to TikTok, where you may share short, dynamic videos. Because it’s still a new development, your business should have the upper hand when it comes to utilizing Instagram Reels. All of these technologies increase the versatility of your brand, resulting in increased reach and engagement.

Instagram marketing trends

6. Instagram carousels aren’t going anywhere.

We discovered that only 3% to 4% of Instagram posts in 2017 were carousels after examining 22,360,021 total posts, of which 2,949,312 were carousels. However, by 2020, we expect a 19.44 per cent increase in popularity. The increased popularity of this feature can be attributed to the increased engagement it generates. Carousels outperform images and videos, with 1.92 per cent interaction per post vs 1.74 per cent for images and 1.45 per cent for movies.

7. Genuine content still reigns supreme.

When it comes to developing your Instagram marketing strategy, it should come as no surprise that content reigns supreme. But what is the most popular type of content? For a long time, marketers used Instagram to lure customers by publishing highly polished videos. Most Instagram users, on the other hand, are uninterested in watching highly polished videos.

8. Instagram live video will become increasingly relevant.

According to Business Insider, Instagram Live usage surged by over 70% in a single month in April 2020. The surge, according to researchers, is attributable to the fact that people are not designed to be alone for long periods.

People have resorted to social media in the pandemic to seek a sense of personal connection. Of course, businesses have benefited from this trend, as they can quickly expand their audience and market their products.

9. Brand personalities are becoming more prominent.

It’s no secret that Instagram is now about more than just sharing beautiful photographs; it’s also about community, engagement, and conversation. In a nutshell, Instagram has evolved into a “social” platform rather than a “media” platform. Whether you choose to post more Instagram Stories, get creative with Instagram Reels, or go live in 2022, you must bring your personality to the table.

10. In 2022, the link sticker will be an intriguing feature to use.

This functionality was once only available to verified accounts or those with a minimum of 10,000 followers. Instagram, on the other hand, confirmed in October 2021 that this tool will be available to all accounts, regardless of follower quantity. Adding link stickers to your Instagram Stories is a secure approach to promoting your work and ensuring that your audience sees your website.


In 2022, a successful marketing strategy will include establishing a strong brand presence on Instagram. In 2022, every marketer should be following the biggest Instagram trends, according to this advice. This year promises to be a memorable one for the social media behemoth. Instagram is THE place to use to market your company and message because it has so many functions.

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