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Reading a book can take a long time. You may avoid starting to read a book because you need to investigate and purchase the book first. One way to make this procedure considerably easier is to use book summary applications. These apps clarify the book’s key subjects and ideas in text and audio formats. By avoiding the fluff and getting right to the point, you can read more books in less time. You’ll need the following book summary apps for Android and iPhone.

List of Best Apps for Books Summary


This app has the largest library, with over 22,000 book summaries. After the trial period expires, you must pay a $99/year subscription fee. All of the essential features are included, such as book recommendations, the ability to create your library, and the ability to mark books as read.


  • 22,000+ book summaries in a vast collection
  • Book summaries ranging from 7 to 20 minutes in length
  • Human-sounding voices are employed to deliver the summary.


  • There’s only a three-day free trial left.
  • Like other apps, there are no free book summaries.


While prior book summary apps required a paid subscription to operate properly, StoryShots is the finest free choice on the list. With a one-time $8.99 purchase, you can quickly opt-out of these advertisements. The paid edition adds Kindle support as well as access to infographics.


  • Ad-supported book summaries are available for free.
  • Option for a lifetime subscription
  • Take notes, underline text, and make a PDF


  • The summaries are taken from the book, with very minimal reader involvement.
  • The audio version is only a TTS voice created by the system.

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3.12 Mins

Aside from the standard book titles, 12 Mins also has its original 12-minute episodes on a variety of topics, locations, notable individuals, and writers. 12 Mins, like Blinkist, offers a premium arrangement for $89 annually. Playlists, that area unit collections of books on one topic, area unit supported.


  • Every day, there is a free summary.
  • support for the Kindle
  • Folders vs. playlists


  • The tournament has a 3-day trial period.
  • Book summaries in a small collection.

4. Shortform

Short Form may be a brand-new book that outlines computer code that was simply discharged. Because of the extensive summaries, short-form stands out. In the free edition, you can only read the first few pages of the synopsis. Premium membership costs $192 per year or $24 per month.


  • Summaries that are detailed and in-depth
  • Support for Kindle and Evernote
  • Quizzes and interactive activities


  • Subscriptions are expensive.
  • The free trial period is only three days long.

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5. Blinkist

Blinkist summarizes nearly 5,000 nonfiction books in fields such as psychology, productivity, management, technology, health, economics, parenting, religion, money, politics, and more. To get boundless blinks and read the summary of any book in the catalogue, a subscription of $16/month or $100/year is required. 


  • The user interface is really simple.
  • Writing that is simple and clear.
  • In the free edition, there is a single blink for free.


  • A premium package that’s too expensive
  • Non-premium members must pay a fee for audiobooks.

6. Instaread

This app is identical to the others on the list in that it gives 15-minute summaries in text and audio contours. A $9.95 per year or $8.99 per month subscription is required to view all book summaries. Likes and shares are also possible with these cards.


  • Cards provide a novel reading experience.
  • 7-day trial period


  • The user interface is slow.
  • There is no support for the Kindle.

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7. Headway

Recommendations, challenges, and selected material are some of the benefits of this app. Headway is premium software that requires a $9.99/month subscription. You get a 7-day free trial that must be cancelled at least 24 hours before the plan expires.


  • Free trial period of seven days
  • Book suggestions and challenges that have been curated
  • Every day, we provide a free book summary.


  • The functionality of the app can be overwhelming.
  • To avoid being charged, you must cancel your subscription 24 hours before it expires.

8. Bookey

Bookey is a great tool to use. The app provides 30-minute key insights into the novels you’d like to read. For a monthly fee of $12.99 or a yearly fee of $79.99, you can upgrade to the premium version, which includes extra features.


  • Huge selection of books.
  • New books without the cost
  • Bookey provides a free daily article as well as a monthly free book collection in several genres.


  • There’s a lot of information here, which might be daunting.
  • It took some time to understand.


Almost all book summary applications, except StoryShots, are subscription-based. Every day, they all offer a free book summary for a different book. Short Form is the best option for in-depth summaries. Blinkist is a great software for quick, concise summaries. It is easier to read Instaread because it contains cards. The challenges in Headway are designed to help you create a habit. Before subscribing to one or two book summary apps, we suggest using the trial edition.

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