Top 7 Best Android Apps to Use with Spotify in 2022

Even though there are other music streaming apps available, Spotify stands out. Spotify has more songs and higher audio quality than the majority of other music services currently available. With a Spotify premium subscription, you can listen to an infinite number of songs in high-quality audio.

Spotify for Android has all of the music streaming features you could want, but customers frequently ask for more to improve their listening experience. Spotify for Android, fortunately, supports a variety of different apps and services that might enhance your music streaming experience.

List of 7 Best Android Apps to Use with Spotify

As a result, in this post, we’ll go through some of the finest free Android third-party apps that you can use in conjunction with Spotify to improve your music listening experience. All of the apps on this list are free to download and install from the Google Play Store. Let’s have a look at some of the apps.

  • Spotify Tools
  • Sleep Timer for Spotify
  • Spotistats
  • SpotiQ
  • Mutify
  • Mikromusic
  • Obscurify

1) SpotifyTools

SpotifyTools, on the other hand, is a Spotify-compatible Android app. In a nutshell, the software extends the functionality of your Spotify Android app. You’ll be able to easily search for an artist or song using SpotifyTools,

start Spotify’s playback on a fresh Bluetooth connection, download artist and song photos, import your listening activity, and more once you’ve integrated Spotify with SpotifyTools. Song Monitoring is another function of the app that tracks how long you listen to a single artist or song with millisecond precision.

2) Sleep Timer for Spotify

Although the original Spotify app has a Sleep timer, this one is a more complex version. Using Spotify’s Sleep Timer, you can set a timer to easily turn off the music, turn off the screen when music streaming is turned off, turn off wifi, and activate the silent mode/DND mode.

With the exception of exit actions, Sleep Time Frame for Spotify also lets you set song fade-out duration, prolong the timer from the notification panel, and so on. The only disadvantage is that the Sleep Timer for Spotify must be running in the background all of the time to function.

3) Spotistats

Spotistats is a straightforward Spotify app for Android that gives you a detailed breakdown of your most-played songs and artists. Spotistats has the advantage of allowing you to choose different periods to build a Spotify wrapper.

You can see a wealth of details about your listening habits using Spotistats, such as when you listen, what you listen to, how long you listen, what genre of music you enjoy, and so on.

Aside from that, Spotistats for Android displays you how many times you’ve played a song, how popular it is on Spotify, and so on.

4) SpotiQ

SpotiQ is a bass enhancer and equaliser software for the Spotify Android app. It offers a graphic equaliser with five frequency bands, as it is an Audio Equalizer programme.

Aside from the frequency bands, it also has several sound preset equalizations, including Classic, Heavy Metal, Jazz, Hip Hop, Pop, and others. Simply leave the app open in the background while listening to a Spotify song. SpotiQ will retrieve and apply the equalisation setting to the music currently playing on Spotify.

5) Mutify

If you’re using Spotify’s free edition, you’re probably aware that the app is littered with advertisements. We all despise ads, but we can’t get rid of them without paying for a premium subscription.

This is where the Android Mutify app comes in handy. It’s a free program that runs in the background and dials down the volume on Spotify when it detects an ad. Mutify does not remove adverts; it only mutes them so that you do not hear them while listening to your favorite music.

You can also utilise Mutify’s manual mute and unmute button to mute or unmute an ad. Because it does not require any permission, the software is completely secure to download and use.

6) Makromusic

Makromusic can assist you in locating your musical companion. You can use it to find and talk with folks who share your musical tastes. The app gets your favorite bands and music from your Spotify account after you link it. It then matches you with people who have similar tastes to you or who listen to music at the same time.

After reading the profiles of those you match with, you may begin chatting. Instant pairing with others who are simultaneously listening to the same music as you, profile matching, or visiting the Discover tab are all options for matching.

7) Obscurify

On the subject of third-party integration, a website called ‘Obscurify’ has a nifty Spotify trick. Obscurify is a third-party website created in 2020 by Alex Olivero and Nirmal Patel that analyses your Spotify playlists, looks at the songs added to them, and offers you an obscurity grade to show how obscure/basic your music choices are.

Simply visit the Obscurify website from your phone, tablet, or computer to discover your personal Spotify obscurity rating. To link your Spotify account with Obscurity, tap or click the green ‘Login with Spotify’ button on the site, log in with your Spotify account credentials, and choose the green ‘Agree’ option. The Obscurify website changes in less than a second with new information on your music tastes.

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