Top 10 best android apps for notes and tasks in 2022

To begin, you need to understand that taking notes entails more than simply jotting down what you think or hear. Staying attentive, being interactive, and retrieving knowledge that would otherwise be forgotten are all important aspects of taking notes.

When we have an idea or hear one, we usually seek out a piece of paper on which to scribble it down. But, as time passes, things change. We now live in a time where we are bombarded with information.

And, unfortunately, it has made it quite easy for us to lose information on a regular basis. As a result, it’s even easy to overlook the knowledge or fail to communicate it with your colleagues. Or, even worse, you’ll forget what you’ve written down.

The following is a list of the greatest note-taking apps:

Here’s a list of the top ten note-taking applications and tools to let you save all of your critical ideas, thoughts, and information in one place, with access at any time and from anywhere.


ProofHub is a digital note-taking app that can also be used to manage projects and collaborate with others. Time tracking, unique project reports, instant messaging & group chat, and real-time notifications are some of its standout features. Create several tasks with deadlines, assign them to team members, set specific responsibilities, and proof files online using custom processes and boards.


Evernote is one of the greatest note-taking applications since it syncs across all of your devices and allows you to invite others to collaborate on anything that is on your mind. You may use Evernote to store everything from personal thoughts and ideas to corporate tasks, and you can rest certain that they will always be safe, secure, and immediately available when you need them.


With Slite, you can keep track of the tasks your team is working on, review them, and provide comments to ensure your project is moving in the correct way. The structure of Slite allows you to see all of your documents in one place, making it easy to organise and find them. You can quickly exchange and discuss data with your team using Slite.

4.Dropbox Paper

Dropbox Paper is a web-based document workspace that lets you organize and display all of your display text, media, and files in one place. Users may collaborate with others and view their documents from any location. Images, PDFs, movies, audio files, spreadsheets, and over 175 more file kinds can be directly dragged and dropped into your docs.

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5.Apple Notes

Apple’s note-taking app will cover most (if not all) of your needs if you’re using an iPhone, iMac, or iPad. With iOS and iPadOS 13, the Notes app gains a Gallery View, checklist options, subfolders, shared folders, and other enhancements. Apple Notes syncs with iCloud in a similar way to Simplenote.


Bear is a lovely, versatile note-taking tool for writing prose and notes. It supports Markdown, allowing you to compose notes more quickly. You can link notes together to create a body of work because it is only available on Mac and iOS. Beautiful themes and typography enhance the appearance of your content before and after publication.


Typora is a one-of-a-kind tool that allows you to format your content as you type in the most convenient way possible. It can assist you in creating a table of contents so that you can keep track of all of your headlines, subheadings, titles, and the overall layout. Typora is the way to go if you’re searching for a tool that can help you generate notes that are as precise and organised as possible.

8.Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft’s OneNote allows you to save unlimited documents that you can share or keep personal. Along with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, OneNote is part of the Microsoft Office Suite. You can discover notes where you left them thanks to simple navigation and flexible search capabilities. Share your brilliant ideas, collaborate on them, and separate your notes into sections and pages in separate notebooks.

9.Standard Notes

Standard Notes is a simple text editor with impenetrable privacy in its free version. It lets you create any type of note, from rich text to Markdown and code. Standard Notes is lighter and faster than the majority of note-taking apps on the market today.

10.Zoho Notebook

Zoho Notebook is a cloud-based note-taking application that enables teams to create infinite notes and notebooks. Zoho Notebook is a fantastic programme for real-time collaboration in addition to note keeping. It simplifies the process of storing and exchanging data.


Individuals and teams alike require note-taking services on a regular basis. Today, the market is flooded with dozens, if not hundreds, of note-taking apps. The burning question is: which note-taking app will you use? For a reason, the apps we’ve featured below are considered the best note-taking apps. Examine these apps thoroughly to determine which ones will be most useful to you and your colleagues.

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