The Top 10 Best Microsoft OneNote Alternatives for Android in 2022

Although Microsoft OneNote is the best and most commonly used note-taking program, not everyone has access to it. However, the OneNote app is difficult to use for novices. A Microsoft identity is also required to sync data across gadgets. Furthermore, this OneNote takes up a lot of space and uses a lot of resources.

If you want to try another app because of this or for any other reason, you’ve come to the right place. In this post, we’ll go through the top ten best alternatives to Microsoft OneNote that may be used as a stand-alone program or as software that works similarly to OneNote.

List of Top Alternatives Of OneNote in 2022

1. Evernote

Evernote is the first option on our list of OneNote alternatives. This OneNote substitute is most likely the best. You may organize your information in any way you choose with Evernote, without having to rewrite it for years.

In addition, Evernote’s ability to organize notes into separate notebooks is incredible. You can easily create many notebooks and manage multiple notes in one location with software like OneNote. Evernote also makes it simple to share and collaborate on notes with friends, coworkers, and anybody. Is now the greatest OneNote substitute as well as the best note-taking program for everyone.


CintaNotes is the best OneNote alternative for Windows users. It allows you to take notes from anywhere and automatically organize them. You may record the text from any application and attach files and images to notes. Data synchronization between devices is simple with this Microsoft OneNote replacement.

This OneNote replacement has a clean look and has all of the features you’d expect from a note-taking tool. It backs up all of the notes on a daily, monthly, and hourly basis.


Turtl is a free OneNote replacement that focuses on privacy. To encrypt data, the password created at account creation is utilized to create a cryptographic key. OneNote provides a vault for storing notes, passwords, bookmarks, photos, documents, and other sensitive data.

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Turtl’s best feature is its notebook management and sharing. It’s also possible to create a board within a board. It’s not as authoritative as OneNote, but it’s good for people who want to keep their information private.

4. Keep It

Keep It is the finest OneNote substitute. Mac OS X and iOS are both supported. Keep It is a powerful OneNote alternative that enables simple note management and generation. It also uses fewer system resources and does not cause the device to overheat.

There are also checklists, bullets, photos, and other features. You can also effortlessly sync and share notes across devices using iCloud.

5. Elephant

An elephant is a free option for OneNote which has an Evernote-like organizing structure. It also aids in the creation of single notes, their saving, and the creation of notebooks. This OneNote replacement also syncs data between devices and the cloud.

You can also sync your data with third-party programmes such as Dropbox and others. Elephant’s disadvantage, as opposed to OneNote, is that the sync is not as smooth as OneNote’s.

6.Zoho Notebook

Zoho Notebook is another free OneNote replacement with a lot of features that you may use on multiple devices. This finest software, such as OneNote, is easy to use and may be thought of as a hybrid of Google Keep and Evernote. It allows you to effortlessly create a Notebook with covers, add text and voice notes, and include photographs, among other things. It, too, has a site cutting tool and color-coded notes, just like Google Keep.

Zoho also allows you to sync your notes across many devices. Whereas Evernote limits you to synchronizing across only two devices, Zoho’s premier note-taking tool, a wonderful alternative to OneNote, has no such restriction. As a result, Zoho is a worthwhile OneNote option for everyone.

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7. Google Keep

Google Keep is regarded as one of the finest OneNote replacements. The way it shows notes is excellent and makes them look intriguing. You can scan the contents of notes without opening them. This colour-coding option is a plus for me because it aids note organization.

Additionally, Google Keep is simple to use and integrates with other Google products. As a result, you can quickly convert emails to notes or make draughts within notes. Google Keep also lets you make to-do lists, attach photos, and set reminders. Finally, like Microsoft OneNote, Google Keep has a web clipper, making it the ultimate OneNote alternative.

8. Simplenote

Easy to use and outstanding note-taking features. Device synchronization is faultless. Reviewer’s favorite app for creating to-do lists, a reminder, notes, and more with Simple note. Furthermore, Simple note allows you to tag notes, making note organizing a breeze. Finally, this free OneNote alternative for Windows is one of the few apps compatible with Linux.

9. Notion

Despite being a new app for taking notes, OneNote has quickly established itself. The program allows you to create projects and assign them to team members. It also includes note history, checklists, team collaboration, list items, and other features. This multi-purpose tool makes taking notes a breeze.

Its ‘/’ command function is extremely useful; it makes adding things like calendars, headings, sub-headings, tables, and so on a breeze. You can also construct flexible notes and add anything to them, which aids in the creation of excellent internal linkage.

10. Laverna

Use Laverna, a privacy-focused, end-to-end encrypted note-taking tool. It helps keep your data safe from prying eyes and untrustworthy private organizations. Although it is a free alternative to Microsoft OneNote, it is efficient and safe.

Laverna, the free OneNote competitor, has built a name for itself thanks to unique capabilities such as markdown editing. This means you can easily update text while seeing a real-time preview, allowing you to make bold and italic corrections quickly.

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