Top 12 best android apps for data recovery in 2022

Best Android Data Recovery Apps

It’s excruciatingly painful to lose your data. All those beautiful photos, creative notes stashed in your notes section, and office presentations prepared for that crucial meeting next week… they can all be lost in a flash. there’s just so much your crappy phone can do to protect your data as software becomes more advanced and data breaches reach new heights.

12 Best Android Data Recovery Apps

If you’re seeking the best Android mobile data recovery software for PCs and phones, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put up a list of the finest mobile data recovery software that is both secure and capable of retrieving a wide range of files.

1. Tenorshare

The Tenorshare Android Data Recovery program may be used to restore data without the need to root your phone. It works with a wide range of mobile devices from various manufacturers, including Samsung, Huawei, Oppo, Xiaomi, and others. You can recover your deleted contacts, pictures, call logs, documents, emails, and much more with Tenorshare.


The FoneLab Android data recovery software for PC does an excellent job of recovering data from both the internal memory and the external SD card. It can recover data even if your phone has been infected with a virus or has been damaged by water. You can recover your lost files in just a few minutes thanks to its high-speed operation. FoneLab can recover documents, images, songs, movies, and more from your device.


DiskDigger free mobile data recovery software can be utilized for hard drives, USB drives, and even memory cards in addition to mobile devices. It can recover compressed files that are automatically decompressed after being restored. Images (GIF, JPEG, PNG), DOC and PPTX documents, MP3 and MP4 files, and more can all be recovered with high accuracy.


Data lost due to ROM flashing or rooting can be recovered with AirMore Android mobile data recovery software. AirMore can be used to recover data from the internal memory or an external SD card. Data contained on SD cards, in particular, can be recovered even if the device has been erased. You can retrieve messages, contacts, WhatsApp messages, phone records, movies, and more using AirMore.


For retrieving deleted files, the iPhone mobile data recovery program for Android does not need a rooted device. Even if your device is physically damaged or broken, the software can retrieve files from it. Furthermore, iMyFone enables you to recover lost files from a Google backup. Call records, contacts, texts, movies, wifi passwords, and much more are all retrievable with iMyFone.

6. Dr.Fone

Wondershare created the Dr.Fone mobile data recovery software for Android. It can recover lost data from the device’s internal memory and SD card storage. Dr. Fone’s android data recovery program also aids in the recovery of data from devices that have been physically damaged. Messages, contacts, and media items like images and videos can all be recovered.


The EaseUS mobile data recovery program is a popular data recovery app since it allows you to recover important files with just a few clicks. Whether your device has been infected with a virus or files have been accidentally deleted, EaseUS can help you recover them. The data recovery app is compatible with over 6000 mobile phones and tablets from various manufacturers. Photos, videos, documents, messages, and contacts can all be recovered.


PhoneRescue Android data recovery software is capable of not only recovering your lost data but also removing any flaws that may be present on your device. It first searches for missing files before allowing you to select the specific files you want to recover. Images, videos, call logs, music, and much more can be recovered with PhoneRescue.


The free iCare mobile data recovery software can help you recover data that has been lost due to a virus assault, an OS crash, or a genuine mistake. iCare can recover data from pen drives that have been lost. It can also read data from a variety of SD cards, including MicroSD, SDXC, and SDHC. Mobile data such as emails, documents, audio, and video files can be recovered with iCare data recovery software.

10. Jihosoft

The Jihosoft Android mobile data recovery program performs a rapid scan to discover various sorts of recoverable files. Then you can pick and choose the files you want to retrieve. Jihosoft is a well-known Android data recovery program that converts deleted contacts to VCF, HTML, and CSV formats. Contacts, texts, call logs, audio and video files, and more may all be recovered with Jihosoft mobile data recovery software.

11. Stellar Data Recovery

Stellar Android data recovery software is a powerful tool for recovering all types of files that have been accidentally deleted or lost due to a virus attack. The software can also be used to repair optical discs that have been partially burned. Audio/video files, texts, documents, and much more can all be recovered with Stellar data recovery.


FonePaw Android Data Recovery for PC helps recover important files from both your system’s internal memory and external SD card. FonePaw allows you to restore lost files with a single click. To determine which files must be retrieved, the software uses a faster scanning procedure. FonePaw can recover messages, contacts, music and video files, documents, and more from your phone.


If your phone is operational and can be quickly shifted to debug mode, any mobile data recovery program for android produces good results. The best software should be capable of recovering a variety of file formats, including documents, pictures, images, and videos. it should also allow you to see all scanned files before choosing which one you want to download.

Top 12 best android apps for data recovery in 2022

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