The 5 Best Android Apps to Save Content for Offline Viewing

5 Best Android Apps to Save Content for Offline Viewing

If you don’t have access to the internet, how can you read online articles? The top 5 Android applications for saving material for offline viewing are listed below. What’s the best way to store webpages on your Android smartphone for later reading? You might copy and paste the webpages into an email you send yourself. But that’s an old-school method of storing things for later reading.

Using an offline reading tool is an easy method to store your webpages. Thankfully, there are a slew of read-it-later applications for Android that all do the same thing: save webpages and articles for later reading. Take a look at the list below to discover which popular Android read-it-later app could be the perfect fit for you. Read Also : Top 05 Best video player apps for android in 2022

Offline Article Reader

Article Reader Offline is one of the finest Android conversion programmes for converting webpages to PDF, organising them into folders, and reading them on your Android phone later. Simply copy the link to your clipboard and open Article Reader to use the software.

Article Reader includes a plethora of options for customising your reading experience. You may pick a theme, adjust the brightness, and alter the text size and style. It also has text-to-speech and read-aloud capabilities. Articles saved for offline viewing take up very little space on your computer.


Pocket is an easy-to-use design and style that makes for a great reading experience on the go. You may store, organise, and view web information offline using this software. You may adjust the background colour and font size as well as highlight text.

You may listen to material, share what you find, and follow other curators using this read-it-later app. Pocket may be used to search and save internet content such as the most recent news, magazine articles, tales, tutorials, sports, and videos.

Pocket also works with material from Facebook, Twitter, Feedly, Flipboard, and other popular applications. MakeUseOf, The New York Times, BBC News, Washington Post, and The Atlantic are among the publishers you may save from.

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Save as Web Archive .

Save as Web Archive is a quick and simple programme that lets you browse your files in a list, grid, thumbnail, or gallery format. Both websites and folders may be added, deleted, or moved using the web clipper programme. Backup and restore options are also provided, as well as a search feature to help you locate what you’re searching for fast.

All web browsers, including Firefox and UC Browser, support Save as Web Archive. To use it, just visit a webpage in your browser and select Share > Save as Web Archive from the drop-down menu.


wallabag is a free programme that lets you save and categorise websites for later viewing. Wallabag, unlike other apps, is open source and provides API documentation for developers interested in connecting their apps.

As a result, if your internet privacy is a concern, you may wish to store your articles to wallabag rather than another option. To organise and listen to your material, the app includes tags and text-to-speech capability.

You may use it to preserve crucial chunks of an article for subsequent reading without being distracted. Your articles will be immediately synced to the wallabag server via the app. You’ll be able to view your articles later on a supported device.


This software is worth checking out if you’re a frequent Wikipedia reader. Kiwix is a powerful read-it-later tool that lets you store and view whole websites without needing to be connected to the internet.

Kiwix makes free material more accessible by allowing you to save Wikipedia articles and view them later without the need for Wi-Fi or data. Pages from TED, StackOverflow, Project Gutenberg, Wikinews, Wiktionary, and other wikis may be be downloaded for offline usage.

The app’s minimal weight makes finding and navigating a breeze. It also lets you save files to external storage (SD card) to free up space on your phone.

The 5 Best Android Apps to Save Content for Offline Viewing

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